Our goal is to provide free legal assistance and protection of women who need it the most, regardless of their ethnic background, religion or age. The Centre for Legal Aid will encourage the process of legal literacy of every woman and will allow women's participation in the process of promotion and protection of women's rights.  

The Legal Aid Center offers the following services:

Free legal advice on phone
     · Call us every workday from 12:00 until 15:00,
     · we shall give you proper legal advice,
     · we shall refer you to an authorised institution.

Free representation at court
     · Call us every workday from 12:00 until 15:00,
     · you will be accepted by the staff at the Legal Aid Center (LAC),
     · as a potential client all of your documentation will be reviewed,
     · the expert team of LAC will decide for further procedures in your case.

A basic principle of the Legal Aid Center is respect for your right to confidentiality of information you have disclosed to us.

The domain of operations of the Legal Aid Center is the following:
     · marital relations / divorce,
     · custody,
     · alimony,
     · property and legal relations,
     · heritage relations,
     · criminal and legal protection,
     · social aid (advice and referral).
If you are a women victim of domestic violence we can offer free legal advice for the whole territory of Macedonia and free representation at court.

Call us if:
     · you need help, but don’t know where to start,
     · you aren’t sure what legal aid and protection you need,
     · you have exhausted all available possibilities,
     · you don’t know who to address anymore,
     · we can talk about all possible options and solutions to your problem.

Legal Aid Center – ESE: 02 3117-866