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   Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women.

Our future commitments...

Since 1995, the Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women (ESE) strives to improve social and economic justice in the area of health rights (women’s health, Roma health and patient rights) and provide equal opportunities to both women and men, by provision of direct assistance, advocating for introduction of improvements to the laws and policies, as well as documenting and reporting of cases of violations of human rights. 

ESE is an organization with a clear vision and mission, gradually developing into its current form, for more than two decades.  ESE is trying to find possibilities for application of new concepts and methodologies in its work, all the time.  During the last six years, only in the area of healthcare, the Association started to apply a number of concepts which, at that time, were considered as novelties or innovations, across the world, such as: budget monitoring and analyses; community monitoring; paralegal aid and support for the Roma community.  ESE is implementing these new concepts and methodologies in order to improve the enjoyment of human rights, more specifically, the right to health, as well as to enhance transparency and accountability of national and local institutions and establishments working in the area of healthcare and health protection.  ESE has successfully combined and used each of the findings it acquired via different methodological approaches, all aimed at assisting marginalized groups to adequately articulate their needs or to the implementation of effective advocacy strategies.  ESE is not limiting its efforts of advocacy work only at national level, but it also openly attempts to perform advocacy before different international bodies, responsible for the implementation of international human rights documents, by drafting Shadow Reports and other types of such submissions. 

When considering its capacities, it must be emphasized that ESE possesses a team of diverse professionals which is subjected to the process of continuous strengthening.   In addition to strengthening its own capacities, ESE is strengthening the capacities of other civil society organizations by organizing training and providing technical assistance.  ESE is also a member of different networks, both at national and international level.

In the forthcoming period, or between 2017 and 2020, ESE will concentrate its efforts to achieve the following specific objectives: introduce the  principles of maximum available resources (analyses on how monetary and fiscal policies, indebtedness and development assistance will influence the healthcare system), progressive execution and nondiscrimination as provided in Article 2 of International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which will serve as basis for drafting and implementing the healthcare budget; increase the levels of mobilization and participation of the citizens in planning, monitoring and assessing the implementation of healthcare policies, by extending the application of the methodologies of social accountability (budget monitoring and analyses, community monitoring and social audit) and reporting to international bodies responsible for human rights issues (according to the reporting schedule of the State).







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