Strategic priority 2: To ensure equal access to justice in the field of social and economic rights

We will strengthen capacities of CSO’s providers of legal and paralegal services to develop and introduce indicators for measuring access to justice, especially measuring costs of justice. While inventing in systematic changes, we will strive to build capacities of community paralegals as informal mechanisms of provision of legal aid to enable access to justice to poor, marginalized and vulnerable in our society.

We will challenge ourselves in developing collaboration and channels of communication for introducing and collecting relevant data that will indicate the main barriers faced by end users in resolution of their legal problems. We will undertake continues measures to raise awareness on the importance of the access to justice on national level and the obligation of the country to comply with the standards set by the Sustainable Development Goal 16.3. We will use all possibilities to report to the relevant international and regional human rights treaty bodies.

 We will invest in gathering data that will easy and free the access to justice to women who have suffered domestic violence, especially the financial burden of the costs that they have to bear in order to resolve their legal problem. We will work on monitoring of the civil and criminal court procedures and improvement of proceeding of the judges in these cases. On the other hand we will empower and encourage women to initiate court procedures for their protection.