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   Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women.


Aid in Support of Gender Equality & Women’s Empowerment

Data on DAC members’ aid targeting gender equality and women’s empowerment are compiled with the help of the gender equality marker in the Creditor Reporting System (CRS). Every aid activity reported to the CRS should be screened and marked as either (i) targeting gender equality as a “principal objective” or a “significant objective”, or (ii) not targeting the objective.

An activity should be classified as gender equality focused (score Principal or Significant) if it is intended to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment or reduce discrimination and inequalities based on sex. 

Criteria for eligibility: gender equality is explicitly promoted in activity documentation trough specific measures which:

  • Reduce social, economic or political power inequalities between women and men, girls and boys, ensure that women benefit equally with men from the activity, or compensate for past discrimination; or

  • Develop or strengthen gender equality or anti-discrimination policies, legislation or institutions.


EU - Why It Is Crucial to End Orphanage-Style Child Care Systems in Europe?

A state-run institution for children in Moldova – Photo: Eurochild

Strengthening families and tackling child poverty goes hand-in-hand with ending institutional care for children.

Jana Hainsworth is Secretary General of Eurochild, a network of organisations working to promote the rights and well-being of children and young people. Eurochild has been running the Opening Doors for Europe’s Children campaign in 15 countries, aiming to end institutional care and strengthen families in Europe.

Hundreds of thousands of children across Europe are growing up, away from their families, in institutional care.

Children enter institutions – or ‘orphanages’, as they are often called – due to poverty or disability, rarely because they are orphans. In fact, most children who end up in institutions have at least one living parent. For example, it is estimated that 85% of children who entered institutional care in 2015 in Ukraine were placed there by their biological parents because of poverty.


Care Work & Care Jobs for the Future of Work – Care Burden on Women

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The new ILO (International Labour Organization) Report highlights inadequate policy responses to the rising demand and quantifies the extent of the care burden on women.

Direct Link to Full 525-Page 2018 ILO Report:

New ILO report Care work and care jobs for the future of decent work takes a comprehensive look at unpaid and paid care work and its relationship with the changing world of work. A key focus is the persistent gender inequalities in households and the labour market, which are inextricably linked with care work.


Men Must Be Advocates for Reform on Human Trafficking, Sexual Exploitation, Prostitution, Pornography

Child sexual exploitation is a profound challenge to our society and to countries around the globe. Given the scale and persistence of the problem, it is an issue that requires all parts of our community to contribute to the solution. And we are fortunate to live an era that recognizes the horrors of modern slavery and has taken initial steps to address it. However, there is one element of society that can have a disproportionate impact in bringing child sexual exploitation to an end, and that is men.  

The uncomfortable truth for men in our country is that we are the source of the primary problem of child trafficking. Men mindlessly look at pornography without considering if the “barely legal” girls in the video are actually adults and consenting. They frequent strip clubs where underage boys and girls are often first forced into prostitution. They go online and purchase sex anonymously from pimps who groom children and force them into the lifestyle. The studies show that the average sex buyer in America looks very much like the average man overall. He is usually, white, married and has a full-time job. Looking in the mirror and seeing yourself in this context is uncomfortable. So it is unsurprising that men across America are largely disengaged from advocating to stop trafficking, and the bulk of the advocacy work is carried out by women.



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