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   Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women.


Joining the concepts of social accountability and legal empowerment

Social accountability is defined as an “access to building accountability based on participation of citizens in the process, or access of citizens and/or civil organizations to participate directly or indirectly in the process of demanding accountability”. Social accountability in the world today is a prominent approach for the purpose of increasing effectiveness of policies, promoting management and strengthening of the relation between the state and the citizens. MORE...

Monitoring transparency and accountability of public institution

Transparency and accountability of the operations of public institutions are significant elements for effective public finance management. They assist in building trust of the public, and contribute to sustainability in public policy implementation in the work of the public institutions. Transparency is a window to budget operations of the state, helping the public call for accountability of institutions responsible. MORE...

Human rights monitoring

Strengthening and practicing of human rights, particularly female rights, is significant for open, responsible and democratic society. The commitment to work for promoting human rights implies a continuous process of monitoring the situation in exercising the rights at national level. MORE...

Assessment of the degree of legal and judicial protection

The assessment of the degree of legal and judicial protection of women victims to domestic violence and discrimination is carried out based on continuous monitoring of the legal framework and policies in this area, that is, their alignment with relevant international and regional standards for protection of female human rights. Apart from the formal and legal alignment of the legal framework, an assessment is carried out of the degree of its implementation in practice by institutions responsible. MORE...

Providing legal, psychological and health related information and assistance to vulnerable categories of women

The general commitment of ESE is to work in the area of female human rights as part of general human rights. Inevitable elements of working in this area are activities for encouraging women to exercise their rights, including providing information and assistance to women who need them. MORE...


 Assessment of the degree of legal and judicial protection






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