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Child support: Does child support satisfy children's needs?

The well-being of children, which is the main goal of child support, is a complex issue that needs to be considered and explored from several points of view. Well-designed and well-established child support policies should enable the increase of financial and all other resources that should be made available to children, enable the elimination of difficulties that prevent uninterrupted support, provide employment opportunities for parents responsible for support, and support the parents who are obliged to pay support to actively perform their parental responsibilities, as well as enable the performance of parental responsibilities jointly by both parents.       

This analysis is based on the statements, i.e. the experience of one of the parents, i.e. mothers to whom the care and upbringing of children have been entrusted, and points out several issues that deserve attention in the current and future planning of child support policies. 

Child support: Does child support satisfy children's needs?


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