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   Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women.




Training for legal protection against domestic violence

In the period 14-15 May 2022,   Association ESE has organized training for young lawyers, in order to improve the knowledge and skills of future practitioners for providing legal aid to women who suffered domestic violence. The focus was on informing women who  suffered domestic violence about their rights and protection measures; providing legal assistance in the procedure for imposing temporary measures for protection from domestic violence; as well as in other civil court proceedings for resolving related legal issues of women, such as divorce, guardianship, alimony, division of property, compensation, etc. The training was delivered by Delfina Todorovska and Stojan Mishev from ESE and Natasha Boskova, a lawyer at ESE’s Legal Aid Center. The organization of training is part of the project Enhance Access to Justice for Women who suffered Domestic Violence, financially supported by the Kvinna Till Kvinna Foundation.


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