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Beijing Peace Train to 4th UN Conference on Women - Video


To ORDER THE FILM: http://www.greenvalleymedia.org/, 58

https://www.greenvalleymedia.org/wilpfs) Produced and directed by Robin Lloyd

A revealing study of solidarity in motion, Peace Train to Beijing tells the story of 230 women and 10 men from 42 countries who cross two continents to reach the Fourth UN Conference on Women (August 7-29,1995). The train was sponsored and organized by the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF). During the three-week trek from Helsinki, Finland, participants meet with women's groups and political leaders, and put theory into practice as they create a "metaphorical community" on the train.

Included is unique footage of the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) Forum, where 30,000 women from around the world organize and strategize for women's rights, as well as interviews with South Asian author/activist Vandana Shiva, Rosalie Bertell, Cora Weiss and Dessima Williams.

Featured on the PBS series Rights and Wrongs, this is an ideal film to stimulate discussion in courses on women's studies, political science, and economics. Themes include: the impact of religious fundamentalism, women and militarism (nuclear and conventional), food security and trafficking in women.

The long version (58 minutes) is available in two half-hour segments, one primarily of the Peace Train experience, the other of the NGO Forum.

"I used this video in my course Contemporary Global Issues for Women. The students loved the film. It served as an excellent teaching tool. It introduced the international women's movement as well as a variety of issues we will be returning to throughout the semester." Valerie Sperling, UC Berkeley

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