Open Justice and Criminal Justice Public Consultation

Participate in a virtual consultation on our upcoming open justice and criminal justice publication on Wednesday, February 19 at 9:00 AM EST/1:00 PM/GMT!

What is the OGP Justice Policy Series?
The Justice Policy Series aims to highlight the important synergies between justice and open government and the ways in which countries can use OGP to make accountable, credible improvements to their justice systems. The Series is part of the OGP Global Report, which integrates the valuable lessons from thousands of OGP commitments and the intellectual work and activism of our rich tapestry of collaborators. The first part of the three-part Justice Policy Series focuses on access to justice and is available here. The third and upcoming part of the series will look at the justice system, not as the subject of openness, but as the protector of open government and the rule of law.

We Need Your Thoughts
We want this report to showcase the best of what is known by the OGP community and to help shape strategy at the local, national and international levels. To do this, we need your help to find an effective open government approach to open justice. Our earlier work focused largely on civil justice, which is a major area of activity in OGP. However, we need additional information in a popular area for commitments, but for which we have less knowledge thus far: criminal justice. In particular, the three areas of criminal justice we are focusing on are: PolicingCourtsCorrections. The rest of this document provides short frameworks for how we are thinking of approaching each of these topics. We know the proposals are imperfect, but we hope they can help nourish discussion.

Participate in the virtual consultation on Wednesday, February 19:


Wednesday February 19

9:00a – 10:00a / 1:00p – 2:00p

Criminal Justice: Policing

10:00a – 11:00a / 2:00p – 3:00p

Criminal Justice: Courts

11:00a – 12:00p / 3:00p – 4:00p

Criminal Justice: Corrections

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