Здружение ЕСЕ


   Здружение за еманципација, солидарност и еднаквост на жените.




Women Crossing the Line - Pushing Boundaries of Sexism, Racism, & Inequality +

JASS is dedicated to strengthening the voice, visibility, and collective organizing power of women to create a just, sustainable world for all. Our feminist movement-building and popular education strategies combine innovative learning, organizing, communications and action that equip and energize activists, expand alliances and mobilize women’s movements for greater political influence and to ensure the safety of activists in an increasingly risky world.

Women from all walks of life are Crossing the Line every day to stand up for themselves, their families, their communities and the human rights of all people. They tackle violence, environmental degradation, corruption, stigma, and prejudice, all while fighting for their own rights with few resources and little recognition. When women speak up and organize with others for change, together, they push against the boundaries of sexism, racism, and inequality often at great risk for their own safety. Women Crossing the Line is a platform for bringing people together to amplify voices, visibility and impact.


Извор: WUNRN – 20.10.2016



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