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Women, Peace & Security Scorecard - Implementation of the Women, Peace & Security Agenda by UN Security Council Permanent Members


UN Security Council Permanent Members have a unique responsibility to implement the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Agenda. However, the Permanent Five -- United States, United Kingdom, France, Russia, China -- are also some of the top contributors to the global arms trade. These arms directly contribute to sexual, gender based, and other forms of violence.

WILPF’s newly expanded Security Council Scorecard aims to strengthen accountability for holistic implementation of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda by addressing ongoing gaps between commitments and accomplishments, especially around conflict prevention and disarmament.

The Scorecard includes a wealth of data addresses all four pillars of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda (participation, conflict prevention, protection, and relief and recovery) and includes action at both the international and national levels. International action addresses: Women, Peace and Security related statements and commitments at the Security Council, international gender and human rights commitments, and gender and peacekeeping action. National action addresses issues such as: financing of military versus gender equality, women's participation in parliament and judiciary, levels of sexual violence, and gendered post-conflict stabilisation programmes. Data covers the period between 2010 and 2015.

Find the Scorecard of Russia here.

Find the Scorecard of China here.

Find the Scorecard of the United Kingdom here.

Find the Scorecard of France here.

Find the Scorecard of the United States here.

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Извор: WUNRN – 02.11.2016



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