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EU - Demography & Family Policies - Changes from the "Traditional" Family in Europe

“Even though the world’s population has been rising constantly and the demographic change has been faster and more universal than ever before in human history, Europe’s population has been ageing.

All EU Member States exhibit increasing life expectancy and decreasing fertility rates, while the problem of sustaining the working age population and by consequence economic growth becomes more prominent. Pension systems have fewer workers-contributors and expenses for medical care and elderly care also increase and cannot be sustained.

New family arrangements, delayed union formation (marriage or cohabitation) between members of different or the same sex, postponement of childbearing, rising divorce rates and higher numbers of children born out of wedlock, as well as ideas and attitudes of European citizens have also been undergoing transformation. Traditional family is no longer the dominant form.”

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Извор: WUNRN – 14.12.2016



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