Здружение ЕСЕ


   Здружение за еманципација, солидарност и еднаквост на жените.





RESPECT Women: Preventing Violence Against Women

Violence against women is a major public health problem rooted in gender inequality, and is a gross violation of women’s human rights affecting the lives and health of millions of women and girls. Aiming to end violence against women, a package/framework with infographics on prevention of violence against women - RESPECT – Preventing violence against women:

  • R –elationship skills strengthened

  • E –mpowerment of women

  • S –ervices ensured

  • P –overty reduced

  • E –nvironments made safe

  • C –hild and adolescent abuse prevented

  • T –ransformed attitudes, beliefs, and norms

Also Via SVRI – Sexual Violence Research Initiative

Direct Link to Full 14-Page WHO 2019 Publication:


Извор: WUNRN – 29.11.2019


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