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A fresh start on migration in Europe

New Pact on Migration and Asylum

Migration is a complex issue, with many facets that need to be weighed together. The safety of people who seek international protection or a better life, the concerns of countries at the EU’s external borders, which worry that migratory pressures will exceed their capacities and which need solidarity from others. Or the concerns of other EU Member States, which are concerned that, if procedures are not respected at the external borders, their own national systems for asylum, integration or return will not be able to cope in the event of large flows.

Based on a holistic assessment, the Commission is proposing a fresh start on migration: building confidence through more effective procedures and striking a new balance between responsibility and solidarity. 

Building confidence: New balance between responsibility and solidarity

Stronger trust fostered by better
and more effective procedures

Well-managed Schengen and external borders

Effective solidarity

Skills and talent

Deepening international partnerships

Flexibility and resilience

Situations of crisis

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Извор: WUNRN – 16.10.2020