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International Financial Institutions & Using Country Systems: Implications for Gender Equality

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Leveraging Country Systems Final (pwescr.org)

 International Financial Institutions have, over the years, grown in terms of size and influence. They impact millions of lives around the world. Many organisations and movements have been engaging with them to make them more accountable and to people-centered.  Feminists have been making some critically contributions in this area, and have offered insights and suggestions from a gender and sustainability viewpoint. These publications brought by PWESCR on behalf of BRICS Feminist Watch are additions to the growing scholarship on the issue. They explore various dimensions around International Financial Institutions and global governance.

The importance of monitoring the development projects from a gender perspective EF has been working from a bottom-up perspective for almost 12 years. For us, the most important aspect is to be able to influence the livelihood of the different communities that form part of our umbrella organization. Based on the Paulo Freire and feminist pedagogy, we put together knowledge built on the experience and struggles of each one of us. Hence, our work is oriented to build knowledge and evidence from a gender perspective, using that evidence in our processes of political formation, wherein the different women's groups bring their knowledge and experiences and collectively, we analyse the situation, build alliances, evidences and narratives to present to local and state governments and other actors.

What we do is to build women's networks, coalitions and platforms at all levels from local to global, thereby increasing our capacity to influence policy agenda setting, as well as in the formulation and implementation of public policies in favor of gender and race equality.

Therefore, based on our experience and perspective, we need to concentrate our efforts and forces at the lowest level, where grassroots women have a chance to collectively put pressure on governments, create and exercise agency. But, they also more importantly, need to unite voices, forces and struggles, and create a movement that extends to a number of communities and women's constituencies and to the global stage from a municipality level. We need to build an inclusive and diverse space, where women from different constituencies can discuss and bring their differences and divergences forward with respect and openness.

However, in the end, they all know that through that capacity to understand and support one another, we can make a difference in the political agenda, and, in the way we organise ourselves. we can resist an unprecedented situation of inequality and destruction.

Извор: WUNRN – 29.07.2021



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