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Violence Against Women During COVID-19 - One Year On and 100 Papers – Research

SVRI Update 15 April 2021 

Violence Against Women and Children During COVID-19 - One Year On and 100 Papers In: A Fourth Research Round Up - Center For Global Development  - cgdev.org - 10 pages

Bourgault, S., Peterman, A., O'Donnell, M. (2021). Violence against women and children during COVID-19 – one year on and 100 papers in: A fourth research round up: In this paper, the authors take stock of an increasingly diverse set of new studies linking violence against women and children to COVID-19 and associated pandemic response measures. [Source: Center for Global Development].

vawc-fourth-roundup.pdf (cgdev.org)

Извор: WUNRN – 25.04.2021




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