Bending the Curve Towards Gender Equality by 2030

Bending the Curve Report - Equal Measures 2030

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 2020 marks 25 years since the landmark 1995 Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action on women’s rights and is just 10 years from the endpoint for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This new research sheds light on what progress has been made on a set of key gender equality issues and how much faster the world needs to move in order to reach key targets linked to the SDGs. These targets, and all gender-relevant aspects of the SDGs, are fundamental to the fulfillment of girls’ and women’s rights and to the achievement of sustainable development for all.

This new research report finds that half of countries studied (67 out of 129 countries) – home to 2.1 billion girls and women – won’t achieve any of five key gender equality targets by 2030 if their current pace continues. The report covers: access to contraception, girls’ education, political leadership, workplace equality laws, and safety. However, the report also finds that if all countries matched the pace of fast-moving countries over the next decade, nearly three quarters of the world’s girls’ and women could instead live in countries that would reach four or even all five of these gender equality targets by the year 2030.

Key Findings

The analysis overwhelmingly shows that we need to pick up the pace of progress for girls and women – and some countries demonstrate that rapid change is possible. At a global level, each issue is trending in the right direction – but diving deeper, we can see that progress cannot be taken for granted. Some countries are stagnating or even moving backwards on key issues. And globally, we are not even close to being on track to reaching these five key gender equality targets by 2030. The analysis finds that:

Key Findings by Issue

Significant acceleration globally is needed on all of the gender equality issues studied, but the end target is closer on some issues than others:

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