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Why 2018 Must Be the Year for Women to Thrive

What opportunities will 2018 bring for women? Image: REUTERS/Marcos Brindicci

1.       Christine Lagarde - Managing Director, International Monetary Fund

2.       Erna Solberg - Prime Minister of Norway, Office of the Prime Minister of Norway

19 January 2018 - The need for greater respect and opportunities for women is becoming an ever more prominent feature of the public conversation. Longstanding advocates for women’s empowerment are feeling energized, while countless others — women and men alike — are being persuaded of the urgency of this task. This year at the World Economic Forum the challenge of female empowerment is also firmly on the agenda, because giving women and girls the opportunity to succeed is not only the right thing to do but can also transform societies and economies.


European Commission Steps Up Efforts to Tackle the EU Gender Pay Gap

20/11/2017 - The European Commission is adopting an Action Plan to tackle the gender pay gap from all possible angles.

This Action Plan presents ongoing and upcoming measures taken by the Commission to combat the gender pay gap in 2018-2019.

It includes a broad and coherent set of activities to tackle the gender pay gap, mutually reinforcing each other.


Systemic Barriers, Sustainable Development, & The Diversity of Rural Women & Girls - Zero Draft Recommendations - CSW 62

Read NGO CSW/NY's Zero Draft Recommendations

Systemic Barriers, Sustainable Development and the Diversity of Rural Women and Girls

The CSW62 Outcome Document and why it matters!

NGO CSW/NY is pleased to share Systemic Barriers, Sustainable Development and the Diversity of Rural Women and Girls—Zero Draft Recommendations with you.  This document has been prepared and distributed to members of the CSW Bureau, UN Women and other member states.



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