Association ESE


   Association for Emancipation, Solidarity and Equality of Women.

  • Our future commitments

    In the forthcoming period, or between 2017 and 2020, ESE will concentrate its efforts to achieve the following specific objectives: introduce the principles of maximum available resources (analyses on how monetary and fiscal policies, indebtedness and development assistance will influence the healthcare system), progressive execution and nondiscrimination as provided in Article 2 of International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which will serve as basis for drafting and implementing the healthcare budget; increase the levels of mobilization and participation of the citizens in planning, monitoring and assessing the implementation of healthcare policies, by extending the application of the methodologies of social accountability (budget monitoring and analyses, community monitoring and social audit) and reporting to international bodies responsible for human rights issues (according to the reporting schedule of the State)..


  • Women's health

    Women's health is a state of emotional, social, cultural, mental and physical welfare of women, which is determined by their social and economic status as well as their biological features. Women have a right to enjoy the highest available standards of physical and mental health. Enjoying this right is vital for their lives and welfare, as well as for their opportunity to participate at all levels of public and private life. We undertake the following activities in this area: monitoring and analysis of the programme for early detection of malignant diseases and providing assistance and support to vulnerable categories of women.


  • Roma Health

    The Roma are a marginalised group viewed in many aspects of public and social living, including access to and quality of health services. The situation of the Roma in Macedonia includes high poverty rate, unemployment, marginalised and poor neighbourhoods, substandard infrastructure, low health status, low education level and inappropriate representation in the political and public sphere. We undertake the following activities in this area: monitoring and analysis of the programme of active health care for mothers and children, community monitoring and basic research of the health status and health rights of Roma in Macedonia.


  • Right to health and protection of patients’ rights

    Health is a basic human right essential for enjoying other human rights. Each human being has a right to a highest degree of health standards that contribute to dignified life. We undertake the following activities in this area: human rights in health care and provision of paralegal aid to roma in the municipalities of Delcevo and Shuto Orizari.


  • Fiscal transparency and accountability of public institutions

    Transparency – openness in the procedure of planning, creating and implementing state policies, particularly transparency regarding planning and implementing public finance, is a key to good governance. The budget is one of the most significant documents, as a linkage of all current government policies implemented through it. Budget transparency has been defined as timely and systematic disclosure of all relevant fiscal information.


  • Equal opportunities for women and men

    The concept of equal opportunities of men and women is still a problematic issue taking into account the fact that equality of women has traditionally been understood as a “right of the women to be equal to man”. Global data show still existing inequality of distribution in resources, rights and power between men and women. We undertake the following activities in this area: monitoring and protection of women's human rights, sexual harassment and mobbing, providing assistance and support of women victims of domestic violence.




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